Water Restoration in Miami

If you should happen to suffer any type of incident where water comes to the interior of a structure in any quantity, you may have a serious problem on your hands.

Water can enter the interior of a home from a full scale flood which will enter from the exterior of the house, a broken pipe or water line from withing the structure, or a sewer or septic backup. In any case if there is enough of a water incident to have any type of standing water anywhere, you will most likely need to have a water restoration company come and clean up the damage for you.The reason that you should not necessarily attempt the cleanup yourself is because there is potentially far more danger than most people realize in such a situation. All water that becomes trapped in your home can potentially carry all of the contaminants in with it.

water restoration
water restoration

This could include bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals, fertilizers, fertilizers, raw sewage and many other substances that can be harmful to our health.

The first thing that you should do if you have such a situation is to call your insurance company and inquire as to who they recommend to come and help you out. They will probably have a preference as to who they will want you to use anyway.

Another good rule to follow is to never step into or touch standing water in a home, as you really don’t know if it is touching any live electrical sockets or not. It is better to be safe than sorry in a circumstance such as this.

You should then arrange to stay someplace else such as a hotel with relatives or friends until your home is cleaned up.

The water restoration company will then come and pump any excess water out of your home with powerful pumps. These will pump out any water that is standing at a very fast rate which may take only a few hours.

Once the water is out, then several very high-speed fans will be placed at strategic locations within the house to dry out as much surface moisture as possible. This will take awhile, possibly a few days, but it important at this stage to get as much dry as possible.

Once that is accomplished, all items that absorb water must be removed. This would include carpeting, padding, overstuffed furniture, draperies, pillows, wall board, sheet rock, and possibly any wall studs.

water restoration

The reason for this is that it will eliminate the future growth of mold in the areas that cannot be dried by the fans. Then the entire area must be sterilized for the same reason, as well as taking the precaution of preventing additional mold, bacteria and viruses from taking hold.

This is not a process that the average homeowner would even want to tackle as he or she would not own the proper equipment, the protective clothing nor the expertise required to do a proper job. Without proper protective clothing, the workers would be exposed to such things as raw sewage, which can be deadly or fraught with illness.

Skin problems can erupt from contact with chemicals and fertilizers found in some flood waters.Once the area is deemed to be free of contaminated areas, then the family can move back into the house unless there are major areas to be rebuilt.

A major flooding can cause just as much damage as a fire in terms of disruption and potential health hazards.

If water damage is not cleaned up properly by a bonded and certified water restoration company, there could be significant problems later on down the line as mold grows, bacteria thrives and the whole family suffers from a series of respiratory diseases.

It is very important to handle situations like this by the book and have a professional team of specialists take care of the water situation. These people are well trained in these types of situations and you are not. You really place yourself in harm’s way if you attempt to take care of situations like this on your own.

Just step back and do the right thing by getting out of the house and letting the specialists do the job that they have been trained to do.